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My name is Ryan Songalia and I'm a journalist with a focus on boxing. I have been a member of the Boxing Writers Association since 2008 and currently split time living between New York City and Manila.

My work appears on, Ring Magazine and GMANews.TV. From January to April 2011 I covered the Daily News Golden Gloves boxing tournament for the New York Daily News.

My work has also appeared in Rogue Magazine, Boxing Digest magazine, Jersey Journal and the Philippine Star, among other outlets.

In television, I have commentated boxing events for Filipino TV station GMA. I'm working on learning Tagalog, which is a lot harder at age 25 than age 5, I'm told. I'm also a frequent guest of GMA's morning news program "News To Go".

Though I'm known primarily for boxing, I've also covered theater and politics, having interviewed former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, Tony Award-winning actress Lea Salonga and Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas.

Covering boxing has always been a beat dear to my heart. I have observed some wonderful feats of courage and class in and out of the prize fighting ring. Watching boxing humbles me. After spending half of my life analyzing and scrutinizing fight tapes, I'm still shocked at how far humans are able to push themselves.

I am a native of Hoboken, NJ and grew up in Jersey City, NJ. I've attended New York University, Bergen Community College and Hudson Community College.